Posted on December 15, 2023 1:16 PM by Joshua Page
Dear Wild Meadows Residents,
Get ready to spread some holiday cheer throughout our community! The festive season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by decking our halls and making our neighborhood shine with joyful decorations? We are thrilled to announce the Wild Meadows Holiday Decoration Contest! This is an opportunity for all homeowners to showcase their creativity and festive spirit by adorning their homes with dazzling lights, colorful displays, and all things merry and bright.
Here are the details:
Judging Criteria: You will be judging and voting for your neighbors! Ride around the community between now
and December 20th and then click below to vote. (We are asking for only one vote per household)
How to Participate: Simply decorate your home for the holidays and make sure your decorations are visible from the street.
Submission Deadline: Please ensure your decorations are up to be considered for the contest. Voting starts now and ends on December 20th. Winners will be announced on December 21st
Prizes: We will be awarding 1st, 2nd , and 3rd Place! 1st place will win a $125 gift card, 2nd place will win a $75 gift card, and 3rd place will win a $50 gift card!
Let's make this holiday season extra special by spreading joy and creating a winter wonderland right here in our neighborhood. We can't wait to see the creativity and festive spirit on display! If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to our property manager by emailing HOA@CummingHomePM.com
Posted on October 6, 2023 1:22 PM by Joshua Page
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Good Afternoon Wild Meadows Residents!
Welcome to the latest edition of our community newsletter! As we transition into a new season, we're excited to share important updates, upcoming events, and valuable information that will help keep our neighborhood thriving!
2024 Annual Meeting
The date has been set for the annual meeting! The meeting will be held on October 26th at 7p at the pavilion! You will be receiving a separate email with the official agenda, proxy, and draft 2024 budget! 
Halloween Decoration Contest
We will be having a Halloween Decoration Contest this year! Judging will happen the week of the 22nd and the winners will be announced at the Annual meeting! We will be awarding 1st, 2nd , and 3rd Place! 1st place will win a $125 gift card, 2nd place will win a $75 gift card, and 3rd place will win a $50 gift card!
Front Entrance Refresh
Both entrances have now been completely refreshed! This refresh has increased visibility and also made both entrances more inviting.
By Law Change
The proposed bylaw change to allow electronic voting is still being discussed. This will be a topic at the October Board meeting as well as the annual meeting. The proxies that were taken up the past few months regarding the bylaw change are valid for 11 months. The current tally of 112 votes are as follows: In Favor-97 Opposed-15. In order to pass the bylaw change, we must have 218 votes in favor of the change.
2024 Dues Increase
In early 2023, a reserve study was ordered by the board to evaluate the association’s financial health. Over the years, our community has aged, and our common areas, sidewalks, and recreational facilities require ongoing maintenance and occasional repairs. This past year we have had many unplanned expenses. Those expenses were made to ensure our community remains functional, safe and attractive. These unplanned expenses did draw down our reserve and operate accounts.
In addition, the cost of materials and labor for maintenance, repairs, and landscaping has increased significantly in recent years. The board has worked hard to find the best vendors for the community and make sure they stand behind the work that was completed. The board and management company solicits at least 3 bids for all projects. In an effort to be transparent, the board also publishes all proposals on the online portal.
With that being said, maintaining a healthy reserve fund is essential to cover unexpected expenses and emergencies, such as natural disasters or major infrastructure failures. Increasing dues will help us build a more robust reserve fund to protect our community's long-term financial stability.
The board has approved a 20% increase in HOA dues for 2024, which would amount to an approximate increase of $100 per year for each homeowner. This increase, while noticeable, is necessary to ensure the continued well-being of our community. The 2024 Annual Assessment will be $600 in total. The Assessment will be due on April 30th 2024 and will be considered late with an extra fee as of May 1st 2024. The assessment can be broken up into several payments but must be paid in full before May 1st 2024 in order to avoid a late fee.
Grilling Rule Change
The HOA has had grills for community use at the pavilion for some time now. Unfortunately, due to some issues with the grills in combination with a safety risk, those grills have been removed. The board is looking into adding a dedicated grilling pad in the future. In the meantime, please do not grill under the pavilion for any reason.
Pool Updates
The pool has officially closed! We had a great year and are excited for what is coming in 2024! We have had to do several upgrades and major fixes to the pumps and overall system. A cover has been purchased for the mushroom pool, this will reduce off season costs. We also had to replace one of the main pool pumps. AMS will continue to be the pool vendor in 2024.
Lawn Care
Please remember that yards should be cut on a weekly basis per the rules and restrictions for Wild Meadows. Yards should also be edged and grass clippings should be disposed of properly. Dumping of grass clippings, leaves and other debris in any drainage ditch/storm drain, pond, or elsewhere in community is prohibited. If you receive a notice, please reach out to our HOA manager with any questions or concerns!
ARC Process
Are you looking to make an exterior change to your property? If so, you will need to submit an ARC request PRIOR to any work taking place. ANY EXTERIOR modification, either in the front OR backyard needs a request.
Amenity Reservation Changes
As of January 1st, 2023, all reservations for tennis courts and the pavilion will be made through ReserveMyCourt (RMC). RMC is easy to use and will assist in not having to check 2 calendars in order to reserve an amenity. On the Wild Meadows website you will find some instructions and common questions that have already been answered!